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Sprint Car Brake and Throttle Kit, Bolt-On, - MAV50001

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Do you have a wrecked Sprint Car chassis? Well don't scrap it, convert it!

This complete bolt-on brake and throttle kit includes all you need to install a real Wilwood hydraulic brake system and authentic throttle items to create a Sprint Car simulator chassis! This product is the foundation of our Maverick Simulations Ecosystem which is a modular design and allows you to add other Maverick Simulations cockpit components using the same computer controller.


  • Wilwood compact black master cylinder
  • Wilwood premium slave cylinder with adjustable density
  • Wilwood silicone brake fluid (will not harm finished surfaces)
  • Allstar bleeding bottle
  • 1000 PSI pressure sensor
  • Industrial grade throttle sensor
  • Maverick Simulations throttle stand (bolts-on to bell crank stand)
  • King Racing Products throttle arm
  • King Throttle Linkage
  • Maverick Simulations computer controller with 6ft USB cable
  • Maverick Simulations controller software
  • Maverick Simulations wiring harness

This is the foundation for your DIY Sprint Car simulator. It includes everything you need above plus instructions and the ability to add our other simulator components that are part of our Maverick Simulations Ecosystem.

 Install Notes:

  • Master cylinder bolts to most factory plates on Sprint Car chassis's
  • Slave cylinder mounts to top left motor plate hole
  • Throttle bracket mounts to most Sprint Car bell crank stands
  • Kit does not include brake nor throttle pedals as they are car specific. Contact us for you pedal needs
  • Basic hand tools needed for install


Breakaway, Be A Maverick!

 Part number: MAV50001