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Simagic Alpha Mini Mounting Kit for a Sprint Car Chassis - MAV52006

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Have you ever wanted to create your own realistic Sprint Car simulator, but you haven’t had the time, tools or knowledge on where to start? Well look no further! Maverick Simulations is now offering an easy to install bolt-on kit, to mount a Simagic Alpha Mini direct drive steering base to a real Sprint Car chassis!!!

  • Our complete kit is USA, CNC machined.
  • Material is an industrial grade, durable Acetal Delrin machining plastic.
  • Features grade 8 and stainless steel hardware.
  • Includes MAV80004 power supply mounting brackets.
  • Left and right adjustment.
  • Telescopic adjustment.
  • Steering wheel degree angle adjustment that is true to real Sprint Car angles.
  • A machined trick groove in the end of the steering tube to hold your wheel when not in use.
  • This kit is designed to fit most dirt full size Sprint Car chassis’s with half-box mounts.

And don’t forget to complete your ultimate Sprint Car simulator with our Pro Series 15” lightweight steering wheel, part number ST-0002BLK-PRO and one of our realistic hydraulic brake and throttle pedal kits. Browse our shop for more info.

*No known modifications for out system to bolt-on: XXX, Maxim, J&J

*KPC Sprint Car chassis will need the box mounting tabs cut and re-positioned for our mounting plate to clear the steering cross bar.

 *Steering wheel and Simagic Alpha Mini steering base are not included.

 Breakaway, Be A Maverick!